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The full programme (pdf).

List of speakers:

Valentina Bianchi: Some thoughts on the derivation of polar questions

Che Dewei, One-Soon Her & Adams Bodomo: On the Relationship between Questions and Disjunction in Chinese

Iacopo Garzonio & Cecilia Poletto: On questions and disjunctions in Italian dialects

Ion Giurgea: Question particles with a disjunctive origin in Romanian

Ken Hiraiwa & Adams Bodomo: Disjunction, Question, and Decomposition in Dagaare

Clemens Mayr: Veridicality, polarity and question-embedding

Cecile Meier: Disjunction in Comparatives 

Uli Sauerland: The Strength of Disjunction

Thomas Ede Zimmermann: Type Shifting Disjunction

List of Posters

Olga Kellert: Wh-questions are complex yes/no questions

Kyongjoon Kwon: Self-addressed question as a base for the Korean inferential evidentiality

Moreno Mitrović: The typology of morphosyntactic ingredients of exclusive disjunctions

Hisashi Morita: The core property of the disjunction and the question particle ka in Japanese (and Old Japanese)

Ellen Thompson, Nandi Sims, Monica Pimienta Martinez: The Syntax and Semantics of Questions in Cuban Spanish

Takashi Toyoshima: Quexjunction: Japanese Questions are Disjunctions (, as well as Existentials)

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